MILLION DOLLAR FISH Season 6 is finished. Season 7 is coming.

Come to Darwin, Australia between October 1st, 2021 and March 31st, 2022 for your chance to win, with over $2 Million dollars in prizes and 125 tagged fish.

  • 100 x tagged fish worth AUD $10,000 each
  • Up to 8 x tagged fish worth AUD $1Million. Yes! That’s a $1,000,000 FI$H (up to 8 chances – depending on whether the fish, since their release, have been devoured by crocs, sharks, other larger fish, and uninformed humans, but only the first correctly tagged fish caught wins the $1Million and the others become $10,000 fish once the big prize goes off.)
  • 20 tagged charity fish worth $5000 each, $2500 to the catcher, $2500 to one of the listed Northern Territory charities.
  • Go ahead. key it into the currency converter over the right side there to see how much AUD 1 million is in your currency. Then give us a call on +61447736007 to book your holiday in Darwin.

Details of The Million Dollar Fish:

October 2021 to March 2022 (inclusive) is the Million Dollar Fishing season in Darwin. 100 tagged barramundi worth $10,000 each, 20 tagged charity fish worth $5000 each, as well as the 7 chances to win the biggie – One of The tagged $1 Million Dollar Barramundi Fish. All 125 fish are released into the wild in Australia’s Northern Territory, and anglers from across the country, and in growing numbers, from across the globe, converge on Darwin for the sport and the prospect of catching at least one of the $10,000 fish and perhaps even the $1,000,000 million fish. 4 seasons ago, one man caught 2 x $10,000 fish.

  • Million Dollar Fish Tour Packages from just AUD $800* per person per day twin share (See pricing page details)
  • You are guaranteed a great time in the NT during this amazing fishing season.
  • Pay for as many days fishing as you want. There is no maximum or minimum. Just be aware the competition ends on March 31st, 2022.
  • or Contact us for more information or to make a booking.

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Tour Inclusions:

  • FREE entry into the Million Dollar Fishing competition
  • Daily half-day fishing charter with Reel Screamin’ Barramundi Tours. Includes all fishing equipment: A quality, well-maintained rod, and reel, all tackle, lures, and bait, plus instruction from a barramundi fishing professional.
  • All accommodation provided for the duration of your tour. See pricing page for

      • 3 Star (Standard) accommodation at Luma Luma Holiday Apartments or similar. Featuring a comfortable hotel with a pool from AUD $800 per person per day twin share includes accommodation, fishing charter and all meals.
      • 4 Star (Deluxe) accommodation at The Mantra or DoubleTree by Hilton or similar. Featuring Pool & restaurant. From $850 per person per day twin share, includes accommodation, fishing charter, and all meals.
      • 5 Star Superior accommodation at The Casino Hotel or Darwin Hilton. from AUD $900 per person per day twin share, includes flights, accommodation, fishing charter.
  • All meals provided for the duration of your tour
    • Breakfast every day for the duration of your tour(hotel or external restaurant depending on the class of hotel).
    • Lunch every day of your tour while in Darwin and under the care of ManYou Travel
    • Dinner every day of your tour while in Darwin and under the care of ManYou Travel
  • Any entry fees associated with theme parks, excursions, etc. but only if included with your tour package.
  • All transfers in Darwin, including airport, hotel and fishing adventures.
  • Because most flights arrive in Darwin in the very early hours of the morning, the fishing boats may depart early, and you may be suffering jet lag, late start leisure activities can be arranged for the first day, and a relaxing evening meal, and retire early, all to give you a chance to recover and prepare for the fun of the next day’s fishing.

Tour Exclusions

  • Your return flights to Darwin are not included. The options are:
    1. Request ManYou Travel to book your flights for you. $10 booking fee applies per person per leg.
    2. Purchase your own airline tickets and advise us of your arrival and departure flights and times and dates in writing so that arrangements can be made to suit your travel agenda.
  • Travel Insurance: Due to the nature of the tours and being subject to weather conditions, Travel insurance is highly recommended (available to Australian residents at an additional charge from ManYou Travel. Foreign travellers will need to arrange their own travel insurance. We can point you in the right direction.)
  • Private purchases, alcohol, shopping, souvenirs meals additional to the agenda, and anything not specifically mentioned in the list of inclusions.
  • Security arrangements: Celebrity travellers, if you need personal security, that will be an additional fee to be negotiated.


What is a Barramundi? Only one of the most exciting fish in the world to catch, and (in my opinion) the most delicious to the taste should you decide to keep and eat one. As a result, it is arguably Australia’s most popular restaurant and table fish Wikipedia says, It grows to about 180cm (6 feet) in length and can weigh up to about 60kg (132 pounds).”Prized by anglers for their good fighting ability, barramundi are reputed to be good at avoiding fixed nets and are best caught on lines and with fishing lures.”

What should I bring? The Australian sun is rated as strong. For your own protection, we recommend a sun protective hat, sunglasses. Quality sunscreen, zinc cream, and insect repellent are provided by ManYou Travel. A lightweight long-sleeved collared shirt is also advisable.

What is AUD $1 million worth in your currency? Around USD $775,000, Euro €645,000, JPY ¥85,000,000 (8500万円), GBP £555,000 CNY 元5,000,000 depending on the exchange rates. Please use the currency converter on this page to check for yourself, but it’s a lot of money in any currency!

  • I’m not from Australia, can I still enter the competition? Yes, international entrants are eligible to enter the Million Dollar Fish Competition (and catch a tagged fish and receive the associated prize money). However, some minor prize pool draws may be open to Australian residents only.

What happens once the Million Dollar Fish season ends? If nobody has won the Million Dollars, the season will continue for those already registered until either a million-dollar fish is caught, or the next season starts, whichever happens first. If you are not already registered in the competition, bad luck, but you can come and fish anyway. Prices still apply exactly as listed on our pricing page, it’s just that there is no competition running after March 31st, 2020, and prices will change to high season.

  • Hotel prices. March-May/June is called “The Run-off” All the water that fell on land in the Northern Territory during the wet season (and that’s a LOT of water) is heading for the ocean via the rivers. This is an awesome time for fishing the swamps and rivers for Barramundi, because the males are heading downstream to find the females, and hungry predators are out in force waiting for the prey to head for the ocean with the river currents.
  • See the tour pricing page or Contact us for more information or to make a booking.
  • The rest of the year, when you get the best of conditions for Blue-Water fishing in the pristine waters of the Northern Territory. Bluewater fishing charters are significantly cheaper than Barramundi fishing charters. Clean, blue water, unspoiled, unpolluted, and teeming with fish of monstrous sizes. The mangroves are also teeming with large predators, so you can take your pick, or even do both – a day of blue water and a day of mangrove fishing.
  • See the tour pricing page or Contact us for more information or to make a booking.


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