General Statement of Terms and Conditions. For tour specific terms and conditions, please see the sub menu for your favourite tour

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Payment types accepted:

Financial transactions include

  • Credit card online processing (Additional fees apply)
  • Debit card online processing
  • Cash – local residents only. No cash to be sent through the mail
  • Direct deposit/bank transfer
  • Cheque – must clear prior to reservations being passed to tour operators
  • Bank Cheque – must clear prior to reservations being passed to tour operators
  • Postal or money order – must clear prior to reservations being passed to tour operators
  • Now accepting PayPal (Additional fees apply)
  • Lay-by – please see Credit Policy below

Credit policy:

  1. Credit is available interest-free through a highly reputable card provider, for which we are not currently agents, for which we receive no remuneration, and for which we are not at liberty to place a link on our web site. It is simply a courtesy that we can suggest to clients, but you will need to phone and ask because we cannot currently print anything on our site.
  2. Credit always remains a matter between the credit provider and the customer. Once credit is approved, we are able to process payments via any of the methods mentioned above.
  3. There is no in-house credit facility between ManYou Travel and customers. See options 1 and 2 above if you need credit.
  4. Lay-by is available, by arrangement only, and must be completed a minimum of one month prior to travel. Cancellation fees apply up to 100% of amounts received, depending on status of bookings and fees paid by ManYou on behalf of the traveller, and dates.

Warranties, Insurances & refunds:

Warranty & Disclaimer:

  • Tour information is obtained from suppliers relevant to each tour, and should be considered an indicative guide only as to the prices that may be available for these products. ManYou Travel cannot guarantee that any particular product will still be available at the advertised prices, or for exact dates of travel.
  • Many factors are taken into consideration when pricing the itinerary. However, some of the factors may vary, including , but not limited to exchange rates between the AUD/JPY pair. Therefore, at the time of making your booking, prices may differ from the price displayed on the, manyoutravel.com.au website and in any other advertising material, be that printed or virtual. Please contact ManYou Travel to obtain up to date information regarding prices, fees & charges applicable to your tour. However, error margins for these are normally factored into our pricing and tour dates, errors and omissions excepted. Funds received over and above what is required to be sent abroad will be refunded to the clients. eg. if the exchange rate estimated is different from the rate paid on the day of transfer of funds, then there will be an adjustment in whatever direction is required.
  • Availability and any blackout dates (such as school holidays), seasonal surcharges, smaller group levies and other terms and conditions may also apply. However, these are normally factored into our pricing and tour dates, errors and omissions excepted.
  • ManYou Travel will endeavour to ensure all tours depart as scheduled and at the advertised prices wherever possible. However, exceptions over which we have no control do sometimes occur.


  • As stated above. Events sometimes occur, which are out of anyone’s control. Therefore, it is recommended that all clients take adequate travel insurance cover so that in the event of something going wrong, the customer may make an insurance claim. Travel insurance is not included with any of the tours we offer, and will be an additional traveller expense should you choose to insure. It is also recommended that travellers insure with a reputable supplier for peace of mind and a better chance of being paid out in the event of a mishap. ManYou travel does not currently have a contract with any insurance provider. Therefore, we recommend you search out what is available for yourself on one of the search engines or on compare the market. Make sure you choose a policy with enough cover for the entire cost of your tour and any possible losses you may incur as a result of an unforseen event.


  • All refunds are subject to cancellation charges being levied in accordance with the following criteria.
  • Cancellation Refunds MUST be requested a minimum of 14 days prior to the tour departure.
  • No refunds will be available after that time.
  • Where fares have been paid by Manyou Travel to secure flights or tours, etc, it will be subject to what refund we can secure from the provider, and what travel insurance the customer has taken.
  • Where funds have been shipped internationally, it will depend on what can be recovered from the tour provider, and will include an international financial processing fee and is subject to exchange rate variations.
  • Any refund being provided will be by means of a transfer to the customer’s bank account, and only after Manyou Travel Australia has received the funds from each available source.
  • Cash will not be handled for refunds.

Inclusions and Exclusions

  • The term “OWN” in the instances mentioned in this document means it is a customer expense and any associated charges are the responsibility of the traveller.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure all tours are conducted in accordance with the itinerary document specific to each tour.
  • Tours include meals as per the itinerary, but do not include the meals and/or the cost of meals designated as “OWN” in the itinerary.
  • Should a traveler elect not to participate with any tour provided meal, the cost of that meal is the responsibility of the traveler and will not be met or paid for by ManYou Travel or their staff.
  • The cost of all function, accommodation, facility, monument and attraction fees as per each tour itinerary is included with the cost of the tour. However, the cost of purchase, rental or hire equipment, and/or the damage thereof, and/or activities listed as optional or extra-curricula while visiting the facility or at any other time will not be covered by ManYou Travel or by your tour fee. These are an “OWN” expense and must be met by the traveller or their active travel insurer.
  • The purchase of souvenirs, shopping etc. is an OWN expense.
  • Each individual traveler is responsible for ensuring they are adequately insured with valid international travel insurance sufficient to cover the cost of the tour and any other foreseeable mishaps.
  • While every care is taken in the preparation of and carrying out of every tour, in the event of a mishap, ManYou Travel will not be held responsible for any loss or injury you may sustain while participating with a ManYou Travel tour.
  • Each traveller must be the holder of a valid and current passport at the time of booking your travel and at the time of travel. The reason for this being that some reservations require a valid passport at the time of making the reservation.