Fishing Tour Questions

Q: What is a barramundi?

  • Only one of the most exciting fish in the world to catch, and (in my opinion) the most delicious to the taste should you decide to keep and eat one. As a result, it is arguably Australia’s most popular restaurant and table fish. If you would like more information, see what Wikipedia says, “Prized by anglers for their good fighting ability, barramundi are reputed to be good at avoiding fixed nets and are best caught on lines and with fishing lures.”
  • Technical details
    • Kingdom:  Animalia
      Phylum:  Chordata
      Class:  Actinopterygii
      Order:  Perciformes
      Family:  Latidae
      Genus:  Lates
      Species:  L. calcarifer

Q: Does it cost to enter the Million Dollar Fish Competition?

  • Entry into the competition is free. Competition participation costs are included in your tour package.

Q: Why are Barramundi fishing trips so much more expensive than blue water trips?

  • What’s the point of coming on a fishing trip and catching nothing? or even worse, not making it home again because the operator did not follow safety procedures? In order to provide you with the safest and most successful fishing trip possible, and so that you will return home with some great memories and be happy with the result achieved, we have selected well-experienced fishing tour operators with impeccable safety records, who specialise, and are experts in their field.
  • The blue water operators do not host barramundi fishing trips. That’s not their area of expertise. The barramundi operators do not host blue water trips for exactly the same reasons.
  • Each breed of fish has its own unique behaviour patterns, and the experts know how best to catch them. Offering barramundi advice to deep water fishing simply won’t work, and that works in reverse as well. They do not share expertise, they do not share the same fishing grounds. Even their boats have essential differences.
  • Each operator has their own cost and pricing structure. We can influence the prices by the number of fishers we bring on tours and the frequency with which they arrive, and those prices are reflected in the pricing charts, but we have no control over their cost and pricing structure.
  • What we do say is, “ManYou means pleasure to the max”. We strive to provide you with maximum pleasure and maximum value for your money.
  • So come and join us. Click on the reservation button above, provide your contact details, and we’ll be in touch soon to help you arrange your Northern Territory fishing adventure.

Q: What should I bring on a fishing trip?

  • The Australian sun is rated as strong, and you will be in the tropics. For your own protection, we recommend:
    • a sun protective hat – wide brim is preferable to a baseball cap, etc.
    • sunglasses
    • quality sunscreen and maybe some zinc cream for your nose
    • a long-sleeved and collared shirt are also advisable

Q: What is AUD 1 million worth in my currency?

  • Please use the currency converter in the side column to check for yourself, but it’s a lot of money in any currency!

Q: I’m not an Australian resident, can I still enter the $1 Million Fish competition?

  • Yes, international entrants are eligible to enter the Million Dollar Fish Competition (and catch a tagged fish). However, the prize pool draw (The $91,000 worth of prizes as mentioned on the Million Dollar Fish home page) is open to Australian residents only.

Q: What happens once the Million Dollar Fish season ends?

  • You can come and fish anyway. Prices still apply exactly as listed on our pricing page, it’s just that there is no competition running after February 28th, 2020. March-May/June is called “The Run-off” All the water that fell on land in the Northern Territory during the wet season is heading for the ocean via the rivers. This is an awesome time for fishing the swamps and rivers for Barramundi, because the males are heading downstream to find the females, and hungry predators are out in force waiting for the prey to head for the ocean with the river currents. See the tour pricing page or Contact us for more information or to make a booking.
  • The rest of the year, when you get the best of conditions for Blue-Water fishing in the pristine waters of the Northern Territory. Bluewater fishing charters are significantly cheaper than Barramundi fishing charters. Clean, blue water, unspoiled, unpolluted, and teeming with fish of monstrous sizes. The mangroves are also teeming with large predators, so you can take your pick, or even do both – a day of blue water and a day of mangrove fishing. See the tour pricing page or Contact us for more information or to make a booking.

Q: What fish can I expect to catch?

  • The type is governed only by the species dwelling in the region you are fishing.
  • On the Barramundi tours, Barramundi, Saratoga, and a lot of other estuarine fish & mangrove dwelling fish.
  • On the Blue Water tours, BIG ONES! Big ocean fish. How many varieties are there?


ManYou Travel and its associates are not organisers of the Million Dollar Fish. We are promoters of Tourism in the Northern Territory and are offering tour packages including accommodation, meals, and transfers between venues.

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