Disclaimer: This table is to be used as an approximate guide only. It is not deemed to be an offer or deal maker and is not intended to purchase or sell currency. ManYou Travel does not deal in currency exchange of any type whatsoever. To convert your Australian Dollars to Japanese Yen or the other way around, please do it at an approved financial institution in either Australia or the country you are in at the time you need, or need to use currency. Also consult your bank exchange rates current at the time of your cash or credit/debit card transaction. Banks and governments of either country may also charge or impose fees and taxes when currency is exchanged. These and any other financial losses of any description or type whatsoever that may occur at any time are not the responsibility of ManYou Travel.

For Convenience sake, we thought we would add a little information on the Japanese currency and approximate exchange rates. The Japanese currency is called Yen, and has no decimal, so one Yen is basically equivalent to one cent. Therefore, if you imagine a decimal 2 zeros in from the right to convert a note to Australian dollars. eg. JPY10000, place the decimal 100.00 and it = $100.00 approximately, + -20%. The rate itself varies by the second, but usually not in a major way, and this table not accurate, but you won’t go too far wrong treating the currency in this manner. Just be aware that for every JPY10000 you are spending approximately AUD120 at the exchange rate used in this chart.

The rates in this chart are based on JPY82=AUD1. If you are not sure, just divide the amount you are paying by 80 (or the daily exchange rate) and you will see approximately how much you are spending in AUD.

Type JPY Approx AUD
Value @ 82:1
May Treat As
Coin 1 $0.012 $0.01 N/A
Coin 5 $0.061 $0.05 Coin
Coin 10 $0.122 $0.10 Coin
Coin 50 $0.609 $0.50 Coin
Coin 100 $1.22 $1.00 Coin
Coin 500 $6.09 $5.00 Note
Note 1000 $12.20 $10.00 Note
Note 2000 $24.40 $20.00 Note
Note 5000 $60.90 $50.00 Note
Note 10000 $122.00 $100.00 Note
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