Due to the world-wide mahem and border closures following the restrictions caused by to COVID-19 and the imminent danger caused by it’s all too serious death threats, the tourism industry in Australia has died a sudden death. As a result, our tourism operations have ceased until the borders are once again opened and people are once again permitted to travel and see all the beautiful places we have on offer

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Million Dollar Fish Season 4 Start

 The season is well under way with 2 of the $10,000 fish caught so far. Come and join us. We’ll show you a Terrific Territory Experience Click any of the contact or Social Media links above to get in touch

Currency Conversion

A currency conversion widget is now included on most pages of the ManYou Travel web site. Please disregard any references to other currencies in the previous post and use the converter to figure out the approximate value in your currency. The final figure will be provided in your currency by your institution at the time of payment. The same disclaimer applies. An invoice will be provided detailing the exact charges

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Disclaimer: This table is to be used as an approximate guide only. It is not deemed to be an offer or deal maker and is not intended to purchase or sell currency. ManYou Travel does not deal in currency exchange of any type whatsoever. To convert your Australian Dollars to Japanese Yen or the other way around, please do it at an approved financial institution in either Australia or the country you

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